About elisfa


Our mission

During the last decade, fashion has seen vast  changes in matters of quantity and quality. While the quantity of fashion went higher the quality and the uniqueness was far from priority of the leading retail brands.

This led to today's reality in which people are working under dangerous conditions in the same place where they get to live and without being able to see their families for long periods of time. It also led to a reality in which whole cities in underdeveloped countries are living their whole lives with health issues caused by the pollution

that the synthetic materials have created to their ecosystem. 

Our mission is to create a safe fashion environment for both consumers and creators. We sell second hand clothes to save the planet and the fashion industry. We support young designers coming from all over the world and providing a spot to the international market. We promote fair trade and the use of natural materials, out of respect to our bodies and to the nature. 

We invite you to join us on our mission and help us redefine our future and the future of our beloved ones.