personal shopper

We are happy to announce...

… we have personal shopper services in and that’s the project we’ve been working on for a long long time now. Our passion is still sustainable fashion and we wanted to expand this by giving personal styling solutions based on sustainable fashion items. Of course that doesn’t mean that our service is based only in vintage clothing, but of course second hand is a part of it and for clients that they feel comfortable with this type of fashion.

Our personal shopper service will provide the following contracted services:

  • Personal styling: That contains the morphological and color analysis of the client, a closet review and then the personal shopping based on his/her needs. This can extent to special events and weddings.

  • Shopping tours: An organized shopping tour that contains store hopping based on the needs of the participants and try looks based on the advice of the personal shopper.

  • Wardrobe Cleaning: We provide solutions for your closet organization and we help you relief from the constant struggle of “what to wear” by organizing your closet accordingly.

These services are currently available only in Barcelona, but we are planning to expand them in more places around the world. Feel free to comment below with questions about the services or contact us through e-mail on