mother's day

Mother's Day, Let's Celebrate

With all the conversation of powerful women growing day by day, I always look for empowerment to the women of my family, the real heroines of my life that taught me how to love and care and at the end of the day how to dress with respect to my surrounding and the environment.

One of my favorite activities of all times is to go through my mom’s or grandma’s wardrobes and find little treasures that have been sitting there for decades for me to find them and give them a new life. I was always finding the fact of these clothes being so timeless and beautiful, fascinating and I couldn’t come with the idea that we, the millennials we are so used on the idea of buying over and over again under the shade of the fast fashion. For all of us it’s important to stay in fashion everyone with her own style but at the end of the day the classic is internal that’s why vintage clothing became so popular so quickly. We all feel this nostalgia of our mothers in the cutest kitten heels or floral dresses.

Running through my mom’s inventory from her youth, I also realized the amazing quality that her clothes had, so I stood there trying to understand if that was a choice she made for her clothes to be well made and having a good quality or bad quality wasn’t an option at the time. The answer came from my mom directly, “They are not making them like this anymore…” she told me and I immediately knew what she meant. Simple tunics used to be silk, today they are rayon, a simple eternal white shirt used to be cotton today is polyester. People used to make their clothes carefully and with love, they knew their customers and they wanted everything to me made with love and care.

With the same love and care I call you today to think of your beloved mothers share a comment about how these women changed your lives and celebrate by sending them a gift made with love and care.

Happy mother’s day everybody.