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Hello world!

Hello All! This first blog post is here to express our passions and desires for the future of fashion and our world. We feel what we are passionate about, even on a small scale, is able to influence change throughout the world.

Elisfa store was born after the owner’s personal love for fashion and interest in sustainability. Vintage might have been one of the biggest fashion trends at the moment, but behind the trend we should see the benefits we can get from vintage clothing. Two decades ago we noticed a fast fashion explosion, where fashion stores were opening the one next to each other, and they were renewing collections every week to keep people’s interest. Instagram played a big role in this story since all of us we are guilty of scrolling eternally in our own feed and without even thinking saving one or two outfits that we would love to try. Fast-Fashion made everything easier, it offered to the client a vast variety of clothes that looked exactly like the designers clothes that we love to watch online. So, what is the result of this? Fashion, unfortunately, is not sustainable anymore. What does this mean for our health, our planet, and most of all, the countries that produce these fast fashion pieces?

  1. Would you wear a plastic bag around you if that was sold to you as fashion? Let me answer this question for you. You wouldn’t! And that’s because you know how but plastic is for you, you know that your skin cannot breathe when it’s covered with plastic and all the toxins cover your skin all day long. That’s what fast fashion offers. A bag of plastic. Next time you will be in one of these famous franchises, make sure to check the material that the clothes are made of and try to find one that contains any cotton or wool blend. It will be a treasure hunt and I can reassure you for that.

  2. The consumption of plastic is for years now a red flag for the environment. Recycling your clothes is the last thing that you think to recycle. Wearing vintage clothes is one form of recycling. So why not to try to save the planet by wearing more vintage/second-hand clothes and buy new clothes wen they are made by sustainable materials like cotton, wool, linen or silk.

  3. And last but certainly not least, why to have people dying while making our clothes? Fast fashion is based in cheap labor in under-developed countries having young kids sleeping at the same place where them with their moms working all together. And if you think this is bad you should also consider the conditions, the chemicals  and the value of their labor. Is it worth 800 people (including kids) dying in an obsolete building that collapsed, for us to wear our cheap fashion? I don’t think so…